Affiliations & Overseas Links

We believe that God is building His church globally and that relationships between churches are important and helpful, including when they span continents.

King's Church and New Ground

New Ground

King’s Church is part of the New Ground family of churches, led by Dave Holden, and New Ground is part of Newfrontiers, a network of more than 800 churches in over 60 nations across the world.

Our links with New Ground and other churches are an essential part of our vision and we have established close relationships with church leaders in the south-east, nationally and internationally. Through these relationships and being part of New Ground, we contribute to and benefit from training, conferences and events.

King's Church and the Evangelical Alliance

Evangelical Alliance

We are also a member of the Evangelical Alliance, which promotes unity and truth and acts as a voice to the state, society and the wider church.

King's Church Overseas Links

Overseas Links

Jesus commanded us to make disciples of all nations and we believe that God’s church will be made up of people from every nation, tribe and tongue. Therefore, we are proud to have sent out many members to other cities and countries – over the years, we have seen many of our members move to other nations, including France, Spain, the Philippines, China, Kuwait, South Africa, the USA, Australia and many others. Some have moved on from King’s Hastings to be involved in churches in places closer to home, such as Eastbourne, Winchester, London and Manchester.


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